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A long, round cut mentioned for the first time in Giacinto Carenas "Vocabolario Domestico" (1846) 

Long cut pasta with a round, hollow cross section. Also called perciatelli, although of Neapolitan origin, theyre very popular in Lazio, as the preferred pasta for the local amatriciana, a tomato and bacon sauce.

Short, slightly curved cut (hence the name: spirals), also known as tortiglioni in northern Italy. A creative shape mouth-watering just to look at - perfect for vegetable, aromatic herb or meat based sauces.

A very short, grooved and straight cut shape, coming from Campania. Mezzi rigatoni lend themselves to both meat and vegetable based recipes, provided theyre fluid enough to penetrate the grooves in this type of pasta. How can you not want a steaming portion of this pasta at least as high as Mount Vesuvius?

A short, grooved cut, bigger than normal grooved penne, that goes excellently with vegetable based sauces but also with Neapolitan meat ragout or oven-baked dishes chillo prefume nun sé pó spiegà (that fragrance you cant explain).

A short, hollow, spiral cut that gets the saliva going at first sight. The name of this type of pasta, originally from Campania, comes from the spindles used by yarn spinners and hence, by analogy, from the antique tradition of twisting a spaghetto round a knitting needle (requiring skill and speed!). Sfiziùsi e sapuriti (fancy and tasty), it makes a meat...

A cut that originated in Puglia. As the name suggests, the shape resembles that of small ears.

A short, hollow cut, not grooved and differing from ziti because cut on the slant.

This shape, from the paccheri family

A local cut originating in Liguria

Special size cut: these spaghetti are twice the length of standard ones. Making them twice as enjoyable too.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items