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Spaghetti are the format of dried pasta for excellence, a symbol of Neapolitan table. Their name comes from the shape similar to a big string. The first mention of the spaghetti is in the "Vocalbolario Domestico" by Giacinto Carena (1846), where they are listed along with "pins and noodles"; a few years after appearing in the famous "Dictionary...

It is a type of spaghetti with greater thickness than the classic (in this case 2.3 mm). They're ideal for savory and tasty seasonings.

The origin is Neapolitan, but this format is widely loved in Rome, where over the years it has become an inseparable companion of amatriciana sauce. The bucatini match well to other tomato-based sauces, vegetables and cheese. Their distinctive feature is the perforated section.

Wider than linguine, their name comes from the similarity with the strips used for the edges of the clothes. Fettucce are ideal for seasoning with meat, or for sauces with shellfish.

The "fuss" formerly used by spinners give the name to this format. To prepare the pasta, in fact, you had to twist a piece of spaghetti around a knitting needle, an operation very similar to that made by the spinners. A typical recipe Gragnano is that of short fusilli with tomato and ricotta.

As often happens, the name comes from the shape. Strangely, in the North are often referred tortiglioni, a name that in Gragnano instead indicates a totally different format, similar to small propellers.

The section is that of ziti which in this case are cut obliquely.

From Puglia, this format takes its name from the typical form similar to the small ears.

It is a format of Ligurian origin, whose name comes from the Genoese dialect "strofissià" (rub), which indicates the movement necessary to give shape to this paste manually.

The length is exactly half of a pacchero. The section is instead identical.

It is a creation of Pasta dei Campi. A "calamarata" ruled and with an oblique cut, reminiscent of the shape of the eyes of the Orientals.

It is great penne, which combine well with sauces based on vegetables. Being very great need water more abundant than normal for perfect cooking.

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items