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Typical Roman artichokes with the entire stem are only handmade with fresh produce, not from semi finished product and served with Roman mint, as dictated by local tradition.

They represent our company speciality. Fresh artichokes are exclusively handmade using traditional methods and adding aromatic herbs like pennyroyal (a local mint of roman countryside). All this manages to keep and bring out more than ever the unique taste of the Roman artichoke. They are suitable to complement any meal on any occasion.

Prepared with the same procedures of the “cafona” artichokes, they differ only in the light grilling, which gives a strong rich taste, and in the use of few drops of more vinegar during processing

It is the heart of the Roman artichoke: tender, the toughest leaves peeled off, leaving only the richest part, unique for its delicacy and its sweet taste.

The coming together of grilled aubergines and sundried tomatoes is an original Agnoni recipe. The taste of the aubergine and the tomato is strong but never intrusive, it is well suited for appetizers and side dishes.

The “borettane” onions, with a typical flat shape, are left to bake in balsamic vinegar, which makes them lose their characteristic bitter aftertaste. To the delight of the most demanding palates.

Delicious grilled mushrooms flavoured with parsley, perfect appetizers ready to be tasted, but also to dress rice and salads to accompany meat dishes. Fresh handmade mushrooms preserve their natural freshness and flavour: cultivated mushrooms, carefully selected even in size.

Grilled aubergine simply flavoured with an herb sauce, great for appetizers and side dishes. Dark, purple coloured and long type aubergine are fresh handmade.

Crispy and tasty, grilled courgettes, in their simplicity, are appropriate for gourmets, but also for those following a low calorie diet, thanks to the diuretic, detoxifying and antioxidant characteristics of courgettes.

Delicious pitted olives, grilled and seasoned with capers, garlic, fennel seeds and chilli, which enhance the flavor.

Fleshy red and yellow peppers, grilled, peeled and seasoned only with olive oil and spices. Fresh and handmade they preserve their sweet and delicate flavour. They are easily digested and are naturally rich in antioxidants.

Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items